Sic Bo is AN ancient Chinese dice game that’s vying on an outsized table. It’s a game of pure likelihood that moves quickly. There’s no strategy or ability concerned. set Bo is vied with three dice cased in a very shaker. this is often activated by a dealer, World Health Organization presses the shaker button on the table.

Although it’s a straightforward dice game supported likelihood. There are unit few parts required and no ability is needed to play, however, a lot of you recognize concerning the sport the simpler it’s to be told and perceived.  All you would like to try and do is place your chips on a bet box on the table. The dice area unit jolted and if the result of the roll matches your bet, you win. set Bo options a range of attainable bets, every with its own payout odds. 

How To Place Your Bets

Simply place wagers on the out there dice combos that area unit made public on the table by putting your chips within the corresponding box. every combination incorporates a bound likelihood of being rolled, and players ought to use this data to assist them to create privy bets. you’ll additionally use the payout data for every bet, that is clearly displayed on the table, to measure the chances of every outcome. Remember, the upper the payout odds, the less possible the result can occur.


The lower a bet’s payout odds area unit, the larger your probability of winning, however, keep in mind, there’s no guarantee you’ll win.